I had the opportunity of visiting San Miguel de Allende in June of 2014 and when I was there I took a week-long course in cement sculpture with the extremely talented Ms. Katerina Pinosova. I had gone to San Miguel to take a glass fusion course but when I saw Katerina’s course I decided to do it instead: I had always been intrigued by cement sculpture!

And I am extremely glad I did. Katerina actually teaches you, unlike my experience in  many other classes. I actually learned a lot from her.  She was also very accommodating and let me make a much bigger sculpture than an inexperienced student would normally attempt to make. But make no mistake, she will not let you do short cuts!  She insists, as she should , that you take the time to do things properly. It’s my nature to sometimes slouch off but she wouldn’t let me!  As a result, because of her insistence on doing things carefully,  I created a beautiful mythological bird for my garden, which one of my lucky kids will inherit in my will! Yessiree, it will last that long.

So, if you are looking for  a class in which you will actually learn something, have fun, and create a beautiful sculpture at the end, I would highly recommend this one !


Susannah Prince


July 2015IMG_20150729_101117

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