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I started working with concrete in 2010 in workshops with Steve Kornher ( I immediately fell in love with the medium. I use a traditional technique of re-bar & wire mesh armature. I add PVA or PP fibers to my concrete (sand and Portland cement mix) to prevent it from cracking. At the end, I coat my pieces with silicon sealer.

Concrete is the best medium for outside sculptures, furniture, stucco, reliefs, and much more.
And it is great for inside designs, too.

Since 2010, I have created many sculptures as well as functional garden art (planters, birdbaths, etc.). I make some sculptures on-site on a commission basis, and make others in my workshop to sell to buyers who want them (these pieces are delivered to the buyers).

I have been commissioned to create sculptures for individuals in their home gardens. Some of my commissions are big pieces that dominate people’s gardens and I created them on site (the biggest so far is a sculpture of two Sirens, each measuring about 5 meters, or about 15 feet).

I love making unique sculptures that particular places evoke. They can even be unique pieces of garden furniture, benches, tables, etc. I also can animate walls and surfaces with reliefs.

The pieces I make in my workshop range from sculptures to functional garden pieces (planters, birdbaths, etc.). Each piece is unique, a product of my imagination. And of course each piece looks for a buyer who wants to take it home with them. If you want to see the works I have for sale, you can contact me to visit my workshop and see them.

Because I apply concrete on armature, I cannot use light-weight mixes since they do not have the desired pliability for application. Therefore, my pieces are little heavy compared to lightweight concrete molded pieces. But I make my planters and birdbaths hollow, so they can still be transported to people’s homes, including those commissioned pieces that aren’t built on site.

In the end, either way you will have functional and affordable fine art in your home or garden. A unique piece that no one else has — or will ever have.

The owners of the pieces I’ve created are very happy with them, and often consider them members of their personal garden family.