I give concrete sculpture workshops.

The workshops have several goals. The most important goal is for students to successfully learn how to make concrete objects following the re-bar & wire mesh armature technique. A simple mix of sand and Portland cement is applied atop the armature.

Students can execute their existing vision of a piece, or I will help them create a vision using their own imagination.

Remember, you do not need any artistic education.

The only thing you need is a desire to create something concrete!

There are two kinds of workshops:
– Short workshop to produce a small piece (3 – 4 days, fee $300)
– Full workshop (5 – 6 days, fee $400)
The only extra cost is for purchase of materials (less than $30)
A workshop can be for an individual or for a group of 3 persons maximum.

For those who have time only at weekends:

Short workshop will take place during two weekends (Saturday and Sunday).
The first weekend will be more intensive because you will build your armature and apply the anchoring layer of concrete to your sculpture.
The second weekend will be dedicated to applying your second and third layers of concrete.

Full workshop will take place during three weekends.

The full workshop involves executing a more detailed piece and learning how to do that. Your creation will take longer than a simpler creation in the short workshop. In the short workshop students learn to build on armature, apply three layers of concrete and finish a sculpture, but their pieces cannot be complicated and have lots of details (such projects cannot be accomplished in 4 days).



I had the opportunity of visiting San Miguel de Allende in June of 2014 and when I was there I took a week-long course in cement sculpture with the extremely talented Ms. Katerina Pinosova. I had gone to San Miguel to take a glass fusion course but when I saw Katerina’s course I decided to do it instead:

I had always been intrigued by cement sculpture!

And I am extremely glad I did. Katerina actually teaches you, unlike my experience in  many other classes. I actually learned a lot from her.  She was also very accommodating and let me make a much bigger sculpture than an inexperienced student would normally attempt to make. But make no mistake, she will not let you do short cuts!  She insists, as she should , that you take the time to do things properly. It’s my nature to sometimes slouch off but she wouldn’t let me!  As a result, because of her insistence on doing things carefully,  I created a beautiful mythological bird for my garden, which one of my lucky kids will inherit in my will! Yessiree, it will last that long.

So, if you are looking for  a class in which you will actually learn something, have fun, and create a beautiful sculpture at the end, I would highly recommend this one !

Susannah Prince


July 2015